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ARIA Data—What You Will Receive

ABS Statistical Geographies

The product comprises multiple Excel data files which contains ARIA scores including mean, minimum, maximum values for the following Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) statistical geography:

  • Statistical Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 (SA1, SA2, SA3 & SA4)
  • Statistical Local Areas (SLA)
  • Local Government Areas (LGA)
  • Postal Areas (POA)
  • Commonwealth Electoral Divisions (CED)
  • State Electoral Divisions (SED)
Image of ARIA

A sample of ARIA for Australia in its graphical form. Click to enlarge.

Localities (Towns)

In addition, ARIA scores for over 12,000 populated localities (towns) within Australia are included in another Excel spreadsheet.

Additional Service

ARIA values can also be supplied for areas other than the ABS statistical geographies indicated above. Prices for these can be provided on request.

Product Delivery

ARIA is shipped via email unless an alternative method is requested, following by an invoice for payment. ARIA data costs can be found in the ARIA order form below.


The Hugo Centre reserves the right to change prices or conditions of sale at any time without notice. If an order is made, the Hugo Centre will contact the person listed on the form and provide current pricing and conditions of sale, prior to the order being processed.


ARIA+ based on 5 services centres with values ranging from 0–15

ARIA++ based on 6 services centres with values ranging from 0–18

ARIA+ is the most widely used index, and forms the basis of ABS remoteness areas .

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An Individual Licence is for use by a sole person. The contents of ARIA are used by only one person and not shared with any other persons. If the application of ARIA data generates derived benefit for your organisation or is used as part of collaborations with others within your organisation, you will need to purchase a Site License.

A Site Licence is for use by 1-50 persons. The contents of ARIA may be used and shared on an intranet for organisations up to 50 users.

For organisations with more than 50 users, a quote is available upon request.

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