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Spatial Online is the web portal of the Hugo Centre for Population and Housing Research (the 'Hugo Centre') at the University of Adelaide.

We offer spatial web mapping applications and geographic information systems (GIS) based location analysis services to a variety of universities, individuals and organisations. Formerly the National Centre for Social Applications of GIS (GISCA) and the Australian Population and Migration Research Centre (APMRC), the Hugo Centre is named in honour of the late Professor Graeme Hugo AO, who was the founding director of both GISCA and APMRC.

Web mapping services currently hosted on Spatial Online are ARIA+ and PhARIA. For more information on these services, please refer to below. To access these services, make a selection from the drop down menu located on the top right hand corner.

For information on the costs related to the design, development and hosting of a web mapping service on the Spatial Online website, please email .


Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia (ARIA)

ARIA has been Australia's standard Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) endorsed measure of remoteness since 2001. This geographic accessibility index aims to reflect the ease or difficulty people face when they access services in non-metropolitan Australia based on road distance measurements. The current version is ARIA+ 2016.

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Pharmacy Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia (PhARIA)

PhARIA, like ARIA, is a composite index incorporating measurements of general remoteness, as represented by ARIA, with a professional isolation component represented by the road distance to the five (5) closest pharmacies.

This spatial index provides an objective basis for rural and remote payment arrangements as well as being a useful analytical and policy tool which could aid the further analysis of the provision of pharmacy services in remote areas.

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